Supernatural Student Selection

On Monday, August 23, I had a phone conversation with my student’s mom. The woman was concerned about her daughter’s math placement and how the home situation was affecting her learning and mental/emotional state. I met this family during the Meet the Teacher night and I knew that mom had been battling terminal cancer. She was crying for almost all the time while we were talking. At the end of our conversation, I began to speak life and hope into her life. I was praying over her and she was saying Amen. On Friday night, the same week, I got an email saying that she passed away and that it was very peaceful. I was crying when I found this out, but I was convinced that it was not a coincidence that we got to pray together a few days before she passed away, and that her daughter was in my class. God has put this family on my heart since the first day of school, and while I don’t even try to understand why God allowed this to happen, I know that He sees the whole picture, and I trust in His goodness. Now, I also see that every student that is in my class has been picked by God. My prayers can and will make a difference in all my students’ lives.

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