Here at Summit we encourage connection. There are a few ways to get connected here.

Next Step class

A class that focuses on the building blocks of our faith. This will be a time for you to go deeper in the things of God and get to know others in our family.

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Launch Class

A class that focuses on helping you discover the way God has shaped you and designed you for your destiny. It also gives you tools to launch you out to do what God created you to do.

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Covenant Partners Class

We no longer refer to church “membership” at the Summit. This is not a club to be joined. We are each others’ family, with everything that means. We celebrate with one another. We keep each other accountable. We are there in the good times and the bad.

If you are interested in learning more about our covenant, please contact Anna Hill to learn when the next covenant partnership class will be offered.

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There are many ways to serve here at Summit. Here are just a few areas you can serve in and who you need to contact to get information about serving.

Kid Kingdom – Contact Gwen Leatherwood

Teleo Student Ministries – Contact Alisha Hill

Worship Team – Contact Alisha Hill

A/V Team – Contact Andrew Padgett

Media Team – Contact Delana Fuessel

Office Team – Contact Anna Hill

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Snapshot is a monthly event for anyone looking to connect. Come and meet our Pastors and Leaders. Ask the questions and make a connection. We can’t wait to meet you.

-Who is invited? Anyone looking to get connected.

-Are kids welcomed? Of course, Snapshot is very casual. Not a lot of structure or pressure to see anything accomplished except a good time.

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