At the Summit, the arts are an integral part of our worship expression and community outreach. All of the fine, visual and performing arts should be used to bring glory to the King of Kings. We currently focus on music, art/writing, dance, outreach and audio/visual presentations.

Worship Team

Our most obvious expression of worship is through music. Our worship team leads us in corporate praise and singing before the throne at regular services as well as special events and conferences. For more information on the worship team contact Alisha Hill.

Prophetic Art

Before services, artists create artwork which is given to anyone who would like it. It’s purpose is to encourage, exhort, and sometimes to heal the receiver.

At each worship service, artists paint as the worship team leads in music. The art produced is uplifting and powerful, and enhances the worship experience by releasing the Presence of God through creative expression. The proceeds of any artwork that is sold supports missionaries around the world.

Our writing team works in conjunction with the prophetic artists during services to receive encouragement for individuals or the body through the written word. Because of the connection between the painted art and written word, the two are connected and released together (sold or given away). For more information on prophetic art/writing, or to find out about joining the team,
please contact Gina Benson.

Our Art Team also hosts a Creative Play day where anyone can come to express themselves through art. Check more information HERE>


Our audio/visual department supports many aspects of ministry at the Summit through live and recorded sound engineering, lighting and multimedia. This support is crucial in providing an atmosphere of worship, and experiencing the presence of God. For information on how to become involved, contact Andrew Padgett.