Heart Cath Miracle

I was asked by a Muslim friend to accompany her to a heart cath procedure. I prayed in my head as we drove to the appointment and asked that she be miraculously healed, then the thought came that she would still be receiving the procedure anyway because even if she was healed they wouldn’t know beforehand.

After we arrived, I held her hand and prayed over her in the waiting room before she was taken into the back. When the nurse came to get her I asked how long the procedure would take, and she answered it would be an hour to an hour and a half. I settled in to wait and while I did, the Lord clearly interjected into my thoughts, “There will be a miracle today.”

The doctor came out to talk to me after only about 20-30 minutes. He said there was no blockage, and she didn’t need the catheter after all! Praise God!

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