Angels Help

Shannon and I left early AM on a Friday morning to go on our honeymoon. Friday is trash day so I put our cans out before departing. I text Pastor Randy later in the day and said if he was near the house, could he pull my cans back up to the house. The HOA doesn’t like them left in the street. He said he was in Lubbock but would get someone to handle it. So later that evening, I checked my security cameras and it has been completed. I sent him a text saying Thanks. He said Sorry I couldn’t find anyone. Must have been angels. Lol.

So the next day I checked the security cameras so I’d know who to say thanks. At 432pm, they were in the street. At 433pm, they were at the house. No one moved them. All of a sudden, it dawned upon me that angels DID move them. I reviewed the video again. No lapses in time they were just moved. When i told Randy, he just smiled. He already knew it was possible. He was smiling because he knew now I did.

If God can do that with my plastic trash can, then what can he do with a faithful servant?Sure makes ya think huh? Never doubt the power of God worth even the most simple of things. You just might be amazed.

-Jim and Shannon

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