God Given Wisdom

Around 2008, I went to a dentist because a tooth was bothering me. He took x-rays, showed me on the x-ray where the root was crooked and broken, and then told me that I needed a root canal. I took the x-rays home with the thought of getting a second opinion of his diagnosis.

I made an appointment with another dentist in a larger city nearby but before that appointment occurred, the Lord brought to remembrance some x-rays that were taken years prior in Phoenix during an ordinary cleaning appointment. I found the old x-rays (from around 2000), and sure enough, it showed the exact same broken root. My ex-husband had been physically abusive towards me in the early years of our marriage, and I’m sure that tooth injury was caused during an episode of violence even though I can’t state that for a fact because I did not seek medical attention when that would happen. I remember that the Phoenix dentist had recommended a root canal also, which I obviously did not get. Back then, I was experiencing abnormal situations to the point that the tooth issue was just a passing thought, and I basically forgot about it.

The dentist I consulted for the second opinion didn’t know why I was experiencing the trouble with my tooth but didn’t recommend getting a root canal because it was still alive after being in that damaged state for so many years. Nothing was done by the dentist that day. I thought about any change that I had made when the pain started and realized (or was prompted by the Holy Spirit) that I had begun drinking a lot of iced tea. I stopped drinking it, and the pain stopped. My tooth is still fine to this day after the original injury from over 20 years ago.

This testimony is absolutely amazing! It proves how the Lord sustains and heals us without us even having knowledge that there is something ‘wrong’ physically.

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