Safety While Driving In A Storm

My husband and I drove from Dallas to Austin and back in one day to visit a special needs school that we were considering for our son. On I-35 it was raining hard, and visibility was also obstructed by mist coming up from everyone’s tires. We were close behind an 18-wheeler. Several cars were driving ahead of the truck.
Suddenly a dark sedan shot across all lanes from left to right, backwards! It passed in front of the truck. Initially I was bracing for the next result or impact, expecting the truck to hit the car or jack knife, and thinking we would likely be part of a multi-vehicle pileup. But the sedan stopped on the right shoulder, the truck maintained its course, and we all continued without a problem.
As we passed the sedan, we saw its left front end slightly damaged. Apparently, the driver had lost control, hit the center concrete divider, and gotten launched backwards from the force.
My husband said, “Did I just see what I saw?!”
I immediately started thanking the Lord for this amazing protection. “Thank You Jesus! Thank you, angels!” After I got home, I told my mom. She revealed that she and my aunt had seen the weather reports and had been praying for safe travel for us.
God hears our prayers! Just a couple of second’s variation in speed or distance, and we all would have been in terrible trouble. Thank you, Lord!


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