SHIFT Night with Brian Barcelona

Come join in on a night with Shift Student Ministries and Brian Barcelona.
Our guest speaker is Brian Barcelona. Brian has several ministries that he founded and operates to reach out to youth. One Voice Student Missions and Jesus Clubs are a few he has founded.
He is a visionary and leader for the GenZ 4 Jesus movement!
It’s exciting to have a man who fills stadiums around the world with us at the local church in Wylie!
This why we would love for you to join other community youth groups. We are praying that they will be touched by Brian’s passion for sharing Jesus and catch his fire for God! Anyone who truly grasps Brian’s message WILL BE forever changed.

This event is FREE!!! Come join us!

Shift Student Ministries is for students 12-18 years old but this event is open to anyone.

There isn’t any childcare for this event, please make other arrangements.

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