We have a personal God.

Sometimes the simple moments are the most profound. We received this testimony from someone who has just begun attending the Summit.

I have enjoyed the last couple of services I have attended. God is so faithful to give us just what we need. I came into the service on Wednesday night heavy, dry and tired. During the song service the Holy Spirit began to minister to me in a most powerful way. Later you asked for those to come up that had felt the Lord in a phyical way but I did not come up. Then you asked for those that wanted more to come and recieve. I came forward. (I guess I was being just a little selfish).

During that time of imparting the Holy Spirit wash over me and I got a vey clear mental picture of what God was doing in me. I love flowers and I guess that is why God used this metal picture.

I saw a group of flowers bent and withered in the sun from lack of care and water. As I watched rain began to fall and I saw the flowers begin to soak up the moisture. As they did they began to plump up and their head began to raise slowly until they were totally transformed. Those flowers represented me in the spirit. Praise God, He is so faithful.

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