Outreach Blitz!

We joined with 1st Assembly Denison, Texas and Bethany Worship Center of Allen, Texas in a community outreach blitz in the city of Denison. ? Sunday morning 1st Assembly had many Guests and they could connect 4 of the familiesdirectly from the outreach ? they had a great service Sunday morning. Sunday night they had 3.5 hour service of worship and ministry and there was break through and many healings! Yea God!!!

Here are just a few reports of what happened there…

A 68-year-old woman had had back pain and issues for 28 yrs, the power of God healed her and she bent over and laid her hands flat on the floor, bent over backwards and began dancing all around;

A 57 year old gentleman that had been disabled because of a broken back was healed and is going to be able to go back to work;

A young lady with vision problems and was required to wear very special glasses, God touched her and she declared sight was perfect;

There was a visiting family that came because they had heard of what was going on at 1st Assembly Denison and they had come for prayer. The Mom said she felt the power of God come on her and heal her but didn’t want to go into the details. They said they would be back next Sunday!

WOW! My God is Soooooooooooooo Good!!

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