Overcoming Overwhelm LOP Class

We are happy to announce our next Loving On Purpose course, Overcoming Overwhelm.
Starting September 20th.

Overcoming Overwhelm is an eCourse to understand your stress, trauma, and triggers so you can overcome them. When you’re overwhelmed it zaps your energy, hijacks your decision making, and steals your joy. Most of us are overwhelmed and unaware of how it’s affecting us because we’ve been living this way for so long. When you begin to understand your stress, trauma, and triggers you can overcome them. When you overcome them you’ll receive energy, healing, and freedom that will bring peace and joy back to your life!

Overcoming Overwhelm is a course with clinical psychologist Dr. Margaret Nagib.  She will give you the mindset and practical tools needed to get you unstuck and back to joy.

We are so excited to get to host this course for our family!
The class will be hosted Wednesday nights at 7pm for 6 weeks, starting September 20th and go through October 25th.

Click HERE to sign up!
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We will not be providing child care. Please make other arrangements for your children during the class.

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