God is truly in the healing business!

In April of 2002 I found out I had colon cancer. They found a tumor which extended outside of my colon. It was also in 8 out of 11 lymph nodes that were tested. The cancer moved around resulting in radiation in a couple of places. In the next few years, I had six months of chemo, radiation along with chemo, detoxing, juicing, etc. and lots and lots of prayer by many people.

From 2004 to 2007 we watched a tumor in my abdomen grow. In June 2007 the oncologist decided it was time to remove it. Because the surgery was very risky, the general surgeon would not even do the surgery if there was any cancer anywhere else in my body. After testing, they found only this place. It was located between my main vein and main artery and was about the size of a mango. It was a very serious surgery with three surgeons in the room. I could bleed to death or end up in a wheelchair. Needless to say, I was not accepting either of those options. LOL! With a waiting room full of people praying, I came out of the surgery with flying colors. I have had no cancer since that day. A couple of years ago, I ran into the attending vascular surgeon. I asked him if he remembered me and the surgery, and he replied, “Yes, he remembered that particular surgery very well, and he said “the tumor just pealed right off.” God is truly in the healing business!

-Pat Thompson

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