Jehove Jireh – God Provides

June 15, 2010 Gerry lost his job and we went on unemployment. We did have some money in savings but only about enough to cover our bills for about three months. With unemployment we get about $1600 a month. Our regular bills before we pay our tithe, buy food, or do anything with our vehicles are $1,865. In the 12 months since we’ve been on unemployment we have gone to California to see family twice, Gerry went to Redding CA to go to Bethel; Sacramento, CA; Reno, Nevada; and Boise, idaho. He also went on the youth mission trip to Oakland, CA. We have not missed one meal. We have received more clothes than we know what to do with for Elli. She has attended dance classes, and music class. We have gotten new tires for both our vehicles and I had my air conditioner fixed. I have art supplies for Elli and for myself.

Gerry and a friend have partnered together and are trying hard to develop their design and construction business but up until now it has been a little slow getting started. We are seeing lots of good signs and they just signed a good contract that will begin to bring in some money.

During this entire year we have not gone into debt. We haven’t used credit cards nor have we asked for money from any one. God has been our Jehovah Jireh and he has provided abundantly for us. I am not going to say it’s been easy – there have been times when I wondered how we were going to be able to survive but God has always shown up with exactly what we needed.

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  1. Russ Corum

    The week of February 20th 2012 my Mother was already in the hospital recuperating from having a cancerous tumor a removed, Then my wife’s Mother went into the hospital after falling and breaking her hip and I lost my job all that same week. My Mother is close by so I’ve been able to see her but my wife’s Mother is about 900 miles away. We didn’t have the $$$ to go see her then God provided more than enough money to pay for gas and hotel! Then the car started leaking oil. Took it back to the mechanic who had recently done the work on 2 previous oil leaks and just found out that it is a gasket that they did not work on the last times. The car will be ready tomorrow and our mechanic said NO CHARGE!!!!! PRAISE GOD FOR HE IS GOOD!!!!!

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