Two shoulders get healed

Pastor Randy reminded me of this testimony. God is moving!

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful Corporate Worship service. During the service a word of knowledge was given about shoulders being healed. Three people stood and were healed. In the process of praying for them one got a partial healing so I asked a nurse to come and pray for him. I never ask people by profession to come and pray. I will normally call out specific names if I am that specific. Well, a nurse responded and came to pray. What I didn’t know until later was the nurse that came had a shoulder problem but had been prayed for so many times and not been healed she didn’t stand for the Word of Knowledge. But when she came to pray for the healing of another her shoulder was healed too. Hallelujah, Jehovah Sneaky is at work!

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  1. Judy Palmer

    January 1, 2012
    On May 9, 1997 I had a auto accident that left me with a broken left hip socket. In 2000 I had a hip replacement, that left my left 3/4 of an inch too long. This caused me a great deal of pain, both in my hip, legs, and lower back. On January 1,2012 I told Pastor Randy that I would pray for his hip if he’d pray for mine. He began praying and the pain began to leave. He continued praying and after 3 prayers. ALL PAIN WAS GONE!!!!!
    It’s been great not having any more pain. Praise the LORD.

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