God cares about our cars

Don’t you love it when God takes care of the little things? Anna has been coming to Summit for just a short time. She shared this awesome testimony of Papa taking care of her car! We have such a good dad!

My car is a ’97 Ford Mustang. It has a bajillion miles on it. After moving to Dallas, the check engine light came on, soon after, my speedometer stopped working and the O/D off light was flashing.

I never sent it to the car shop to have it fixed – didn’t have the time or the money. After a rehearsal, I was driving home, and my spirit started to pray out loud. The interpretation that I got was basically a prayer for my car.

Instantly, the check engine light turned off, the speedometer started working, the O/D off light stopped flashing, and it’s been driving fine ever since. My dad drove it the following day and also testified that everything was working just fine.
And it’d been working fine ever since. Woot!

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