Purposing to give

How are you allowing God to use you? Where are you seeking God’s glory? We know that people tend to find what they are looking for. Here’s a testimony of someone finding the opportunity to give something big. Thanks, Andrew, for taking a risk.

This year, I have made a habit of declaring bigger and bigger things about giving beyond my tithe. One thing I declared earlier this year is that I wanted to be able to give away a car to someone who needed it. Not long after I began declaring my intent to give, my wife received a call from her mother who asked if we would like to have their mini-van. All we had to do was come and pick it up for ourselves. What a HUGE blessing! Amy and I talked about the cars we have, about the cars our kids drive and our schedule, and we came to the conclusion that we could give away one of our cars once we had the mini-van. When we left for vacation – we flew there and would drive the mini-van home – we were able to “loan” a car to a family at The Summit that needed a vehicle, and when we got back, we signed that car over to them free and clear!

Declare a BIG thing and see what God will do!

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