Can I get a lift?

Pastor Randy got this report from Pastor Raymond England at Trinity Lighthouse. You gotta love the Kingdom!

We invited Summit to come and bring the fire of revival they were experiencing to our church. They came and a word was given to my wife that the 34 years we had been pastoring had ruined her suspension and that God was about to redo her suspension and equip her so the last days of her ministry would be the best days. The word continued with God is giving you “Mercedes Suspension”.

We had dinner with my wife’s brother and wife on Tuesday evening. They began questioning her on her “new make up” saying, “you look so young,” and “what are you doing?” I’m not sure we ever did convince her sister-in-law that God touched her on Sunday night and that was the reason for her youthful appearance. She has felt so much better this week.

Praise God!!

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