A report from Pastor Randy

I wanted to let you know about what happened at Trinity Lighthouse in Denison Sunday night. Brother Raymond asked me to come and preach after he had been here for a sectional meeting. At that meeting we had a prayer time for the pastors and again I had invited several of our family to join us not knowing that they would be praying for the pastors. We began to share the testimonies of the miracles that had been happening in our services and on the streets when we went on treasure hunts and God showed up and showed off in our sectional meeting. The next week Pastor Raymond called me and asked me to come and bring the fire we were experiencing here.

I told the congregation that I had been invited to come and impart the revival fire and that I needed a team to go with me and the church family is my team. We began praying about the meeting 6 weeks ago and we went up this past Sunday night. We ended up with 45 people from Summit going up with us.

Here is a snap shot of what happened…

In the music portion Brian Moyer released a testimony of a treasure hunt he had gone on, two ruptured discs were healed at Wal-Mart, I then stood and released the testimony of Scoliosis being healed at the Holy Spirit Conference and called for anyone with Scoliosis or a back problem to come forward for healing. One young lady came forward with Scoliosis and God healed her as I was calling out other maladies. When the shout went up I turned and asked what was going on. She stated that her back bone that had been in the shape of an “S” was now straight. When I questioned her as to how she knew she snapped at me and said, “Listen I know what a crooked spine feels like and now I know what a straight one feels like, I am healed.” We had a Chiropractor on our team and I had him examine her and he said the spine appeared to be as straight as could be.

This opened a flood of healing. Arthritis in a hand was healed, Deaf ears began to hear, blind eyes began to see, 6 hips were relieved of pain, depression and anxiety lifted with several stating they felt the darkness lift, asthma was healed, legs were lengthened, 2 cases of scoliosis were healed. I release another testimony about a rotator cuff being healed during worship and the Children’s pastor’s wife said, “I will take that for myself” and she was healed, no pain and full range of motion was restored. One lady had feeling restored to her finger tips. She had not been able to feel anything and was feeling different textures before the night was done.


God showed up and showed off. The presence was tangible and everyone was touched. There were people all over the floor being prayed for, several people who had come in with depression even looked different when they left. It was a GREAT NIGHT!

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