Staff Testimony Report – March 24, 2009

The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy . (Rev. 19:10)

What’s The Good News?

  • Brian and Jessica’s car broke down on Sunday and someone paid for it to be fixed!
  • Amy received $50.00 at the Christian Book Expo and was unable to find a book to spend it on (which is a miracle). That $50 found it’s way to Robert, one of the Rhema students that was here for Spring Break. His sister had just prayed 2 days before for him to learn how to receive. Praise God!
  • Outreach Blitz – Our young people had quite a week!! Robert, Ashton and Paul were here from Rhema Bible Training Center and were able to practice their leadership skills as they fed into our teens. That’s a win-win situation!
    • Wednesday – Dallas Dream Center – We were able to make a connection there for future outreaches and also we helped paint a house for someone in their adopt-a-block program.
    • Thursday – Treasure Hunt – There was a salvation because of the outreach efforts – praise the Lord, we all have another brother! (Welcome to the family, Michael…) Most of the ‘treasures’ that were being looked for were found, and many of our teens had the opportunity to pray with people – some for the first time.
    • Friday – E.R. Trip – We went to Baylor Garland to pray for people in the E.R. When we got there, there wasn’t anyone in the E.R. so we went to Richardson Regional and we were able to pray with 10 people! Hallelujah!
  • Sunday Morning – Ladene’s knees were healed! Karen experienced some relief from shoulder pain!
  • Bartimaeus – Troy prayed for a man with diabetes who has experienced ongoing foot pain. When they finished praying his feet were pain free and he was walking around! A lady with glaucoma was prayed for and her eyes improved. An injured knee was healed and emotional wounds started to mend. A woman who has been wheelchair bound following a sever stroke showed some improvement in both movement and speech after being prayed for. A woman who has been in a wheel chair for over 10 years was able to move her left leg after being prayed for. A lady who was experiencing neck pain was healed.

We are so excited about everything the Lord is doing right now. We expect to see an increase in power, an increase in miracles, and increasing unity in the Kingdom. Please contact us with any testimonies you have so we can share your good news!! (You may always remain anonymous if you prefer.)

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