Staff Testimony Report – 7/21/09

What’s the GOOD NEWS?

We always begin our staff meetings with reports of what God has been doing. Here’s the latest.

  • We had 38 visitors on Sunday morning.
  • We received great reports from Northpointe church and Folic that their services were totally rocked and there were healings and the Spirit was moving.
  • At the Holy Spirit Conference this past weekend, there was a couple that attended and God did an awesome work. Here is a little bit of their story. He had just revealed to her 2 days earlier that he had an affair. They have 3 children and the oldest who is a pre-teen realized something was up, He asked his mom if everything was OK. She said, no it isn’t but I know it will be OK. While they were here at the conference God helped restore the relationship and she actually said she feels NO anger. On Saturday she talked to her son and he asked how she was and she was able to tell him that everything was doing good and it was going to be alright. He told her that he was praying and she was able to tell him that his prayers worked.
    Another cool thing that happened is that Alisha got a word for her, she felt like she was to give her a name tag that said Princess and that God was giving her a new name. When Alisha gave her the name tag she burst into tears and told Alisha that she was praying for a new name but she felt like God said He would bring it to her. WOW! Isn’t God Cool!
  • Sunday morning we had 1 saved and 2 filled with the spirit with the evidence of tongues.
  • Someone said that Sunday morning she felt a boulder that had been present in her life for 12 years had been removed.
  • Amber was healed of back pain after the word of knowledge came forth Sunday morning.
  • Kalin’s broken toe was healed
  • A word was given to call people and pray for them over the phone. Anna a friend who has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar and after we prayed for her she said, ” I feel Happy.” Also Sharon called her mom who was suffering with terrible knee pain. After they prayed she felt the spirit all the way in California and she was walking around and crying. Totally Healed!
  • Linda’s Back was healed
  • Amy O. was healed of Scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis! At lunch after service, she said, “My finger hurts, and I am so happy!” When she was asked her if she wanted prayer for it and she said, “No, I have been in so much pain that i didn’t even notice that my finger hurt, but now all the other pain is gone I can feel it. I like this pain. It makes me happy!”

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