Staff Testimony Report – 6/23/09

What’s the GOOD NEWS?

We always begin our staff meetings with reports of what God has been doing. Here’s the latest.

  • Russ and Hutch both had their kids call on Father’s Day. Praise God for renewed connections!
  • Sandra’s parents have had 2 close encounters with car accidents, and they said they believed God moved the car out of harm’s way.
  • Javed is starting to realize his discernment and starting to act on it!
  • Sharon had a headache on Sunday and after a word of knowledge about God healing headaches, it was!
  • Karen’s shoulder was prayed for and it is greatly improved in range of motion. She also received her prayer language!
  • Christy was experiencing stomach pains and she recognized it as a word of knowledge so she spoke it out and when Sandra went to pray with her, Christy told her that she thought it was for someone in their family. Sandra’s mom, scheduled for surgery soon, has (well, had) cysts on her ovaries and all that weekend was feeling sick all weekend. When they talked to her on Monday and she said she felt good!
  • Debra and Ladene were both healed of stomach complaints!
  • Mark was still having pain from lymphoma and when we were done praying for him he was pain free!
  • Micah’s shoulder was healed!
  • Briana & Noah were both healed of headaches!
  • Luis received a report that there are no more masses on his liver!
  • Ginger had tendinitis in her right arm and Karen (who’s shoulder was just healed) prayed for her and she was completely healed!
  • Amber’s Dad was healed of stomach issue!
  • Debra and Catalina are both receiving a financial settlement
  • Jeff is starting to see those things that were plundered from him returned!

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