Small steps… getting bigger

At the Summit, we believe that if Jesus did it, we are called to do it too because, “As He is, so are we in this world.” (1 John 4:17) Therefore, every member of our body has is encouraged to pray for the sick and injured, and expect to see results.

Our worship pastor, Brian, was exercising this principle recently.

Last Sunday, after church, I was asked to pray with a guy. He spent the whole service in his wheelchair, but was standing and taking small steps when I approached him. A few of us gathered around him and began to pray for him. He said he could see the presence of God on each of us that was praying.
After we prayed for a bit, he decided to test things out. He began to walk across the front of the sanctuary with the assistance of his wife, and I was walking behind them. While they were walking, I asked if the walking had changed. His wife indicated that his steps were much larger than normal, and that he seemed to be lifting his leg and controlling it more than he has in the past. We walked the length of the sanctuary and back, and his wife indicated that he had been standing and walking longer than he normally does.

We will post updates to his condition as they become available.

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