Praying For Others Promotion

A salaried management position opened up at my work in early August 2023. I knew two people at work that applied. I chose one over the other to pray for because of Kingdom purposes. The guy told me that he didn’t think that he would get it because it is hard to move up into the salaried positions. I had prayed for healing for the man twice before and the Lord had healed him both times, so he was open to me praying about him receiving the position.

A little while after I had prayed the first time, I felt a huge pressing that I was to pray again. I didn’t see him for another hour or so, but when I did, I said that I had to do something right then and asked if I could lay my hand on him. He was fine with that, so I placed my hand on his shoulder and stated as I was led, “I release the anointing and Your favor over this man, In Jesus name, Amen.”

Later that day, I found out that a third person at work had applied, and in the following weeks, I started seeing people I didn’t know coming in for interviews . Last week in mid-September, I found out the man that I had prayed for was chosen. God is so good!

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