Look UP!

I’ve been asking God for provision in this season. He has been giving me visions to reassure me He is the provider. I had a vision I was sliding slowly down an old “extremely hot” metal slide into a black pit. I was thinking about all the things I needed to prepare falling into the pit that felt like doom and despair. Jesus appeared at the bottom and asked why I was sad. I told him I’m worried about food on the table and electricity staying on and feel that we are headed to a pit we cannot get out of. Jesus kind of waved his hand and birds began to fly and drop things off I needed. Jesus said, “I have provision, what else do you need?” I said, I need support and someone to catch me. I need help going down this horrible painful slide.” Jesus said “I’m your support. I am here. I am catching you and I am holding you on the way. I want you to look up. Don’t look down at despair, look up to me when you have a need, and I will be there.”
Well, the next day I was donating 400 ounces of breastmilk for free to a mama in need who I have never met, that has an adopted son. She expressed her gratitude and gave us 6 lbs. of beef and a rack of ribs from their cows! Tears filled my eyes as she handed me the meat, she had no idea that I was praying for a way to buy meat for my family that week. Jesus provided. He provides. He listens and he wants to help. My heart was full of a higher capcity love in that moment.

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