Testimony from Summit Healing Rooms:

The first time I’ve ever done this. To say I was hesitant was an understatement (considering I grew up stone cold Baptist). Regardless, I still knew I needed to go to this. I struggle with self worth. I am hard on myself and sometimes I believe that I’m not good enough for God. But God spoke that I AM ENOUGH. I don’t need to feel ashamed in His presence or try to hide. I need to SHINE.
It was spoken that God has a softness for me because I’ve come out of a hard season (yes, yes, yes). I haven’t been able to sleep, my anxiety overwhelmed me. I started taking Ambien to sleep every night for the last 6 months. It was spoke that God has calmness and rest for me. Thank you Jesus, Goodbye Ambien!!!
This week I started reading “Start” by Jon Acuff. It is a personal development book about “punching fear in the face” and embracing our “Journey to awesome”. God declared that there is a sense of fear and fear has no place here. I’ve been aching to get rid of the fears (hints why I picked up the book about it this week). It looks like I picked up the wrong book. It was prayed that I remove the door to the closet I’ve been hiding in (Fear) so that I can be awesome. ( literally the same wording that has been used in the book).
It was asked if I had someone speak over me and told me that I wasn’t enough. The answer is yes, me! That’s why God keeps telling me to agree with what he is saying because His eyes see me as blameless, beautiful, and ENOUGH!

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