Grocery Store Healing Center

A guy at my work had a traumatic brain injury that caused him to be distracted easily and have trouble staying on task. One day as I was walking past him, I heard (not audibly) that I was to pray for him. I continued on my way to complete what I was doing with the plan of returning in a few minutes. That wasn’t God’s plan though. When I turned around, the man that I was to pray for was directly behind me.

I already knew that he has Jesus as his Savior, so I was fully expecting that when I asked if I could pray for him that he would let me. He did say yes. Then I asked if I could lay my hands on his head. He said yes to that also, so I encircled his head with my hands like they were a crown upon it. I prayed as I was led- about synapses and other things. I asked him if he felt anything while I was praying, and he told me something about warmth- whether it was my hands, in his head, or both, I don’t remember. I probably said the warmth signifies God’s healing because that’s what I usually do when someone tells me that they experienced a warmth of some kind, but again, I don’t remember. He thanked me, and we parted ways.

The next time I saw him I was so excited to see that he was completely different! He was able to focus on his work. He didn’t randomly walk away or stop to talk to most of the people that walked by him. I went up and had a chat with him about the change, and he said that he was glad that I noticed. He thanked me again for praying for him, and then, I thanked the Lord for both of us.
Praise God!

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