God is MMM.. MMM.. Good!

During worship this past Sunday(10/23/22) Sammy stood and declared a word and talked about angels being in the room. I was standing at the back, with my eyes closed worshipping, when all of a sudden I felt a very strong breeze or whiff of air go by in front of me. I felt it so strong physically that I opened my eyes instantly, because I thought someone had walked by me.When I opened my eyes, no one was near. I don’t know if it was Holy Spirit or an angel, but I think it was most likely an angel. I’ve never experienced that before. Thank God for His goodness!

Also, when Emersyn gave her word, it was crazy, because it was the exact thing we were going to learn in Kingdom Kids that morning but she didn’t know that. Our lesson was about how we can trust God even when we’re worried but I took it to a different end of sharing that we can trust God and not have to worry anymore because, as Emersyn said, “God’s got this”. Our lesson was about Jacob and Esau, when God told Jacob to go back home and he was terrified and worried that his brother would kill him if he did. After he devised his own plan of how to do what God said, he then decided that maybe he should pray but even his prayer was filled with worry thoughts. Then came Gen 32:12. I had never noticed this before, but this is where God spoke to me personally about what to do when I get worried. Four words, BUT YOU HAVE SAID…..(NIV), BUT YOU PROMISED ME….(NLT) Oh my!!! Jacob was made aware of what God had promised and began to hear what God said and why he had no need to worry. If I will remember or seek and find what He says, worry will vanish and faith will come. WOOHOO! So as Emersyn said, we don’t have to worry cuz God’s got this. Campbell soup has nothing on God cuz HE IS MMM… MMM… GOOD!!!

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