God is still moving

God is always doing something. We can see it and participate with Him if we are paying attention to what He shows us.

Here’s a report from Regina on some of the things God has been using her for recently.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what God has been doing.
I talked to my Mom yesterday and she got the test results back from her blood work and it came back normal.  She explained that her blood work hasn’t been normal in two years.  She was in stage three renal failure and her liver enzymes were high.  She said everything in her blood that was abnormal is now normal again.  Praise God; he is restoring my Mother.  The healing that is taking place is also bringing my Step-Father closer to him; he is starting to have faith.  God is so good!
Gail and I have been praying for the restoration of her family.  God has given me visions and I know the healing is taking place.  We had a breakthrough yesterday and Zack agreed to go to rehab.  The steps that lead Gail to the rehab facility and the counselor was all God.  The work God has been doing on Zack’s heart and preparing him to accept the help offered is truly a miracle.  The kids had been at odds with each other and they all came together and his sisters drove him to the rehab facility.  Gail said it couldn’t have gone smoother and the kids were healing their relationship with each other and closer than they have been in years.  God is so good and so faithful to his promises.  Even when we can’t see what is going on behind the scenes he is paving the way for the healing.
Yesterday the Holy Spirit highlighted someone to me that needed a healing and we gathered in his office this morning to pray for the ACL tear in his left knee.  As we prayed God healed his knee.  I asked if he could feel something and he said yes I actually can feel a sensation.  I told him the healing will be confirmed by his doctors because he is supposed to go in for surgery in the morning.  I said don’t be surprised if they put you under but discover that there is nothing to do.  Give God all the glory that your testimony will cause others to seek out God’s healing in their life.
There are so many more testimonies to tell you about but those are the three that I want to highlight and say Praise God for his kindness and mercy.  Thank you Lord for your healings and everything you allow me to be part of to bring Glory to your Holy Name.

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