God heals tooth pain!!!

Michele shares this story of restoration. We are believing with her for complete healing!

I went to bed with a toothache last night, I have a large cavity in one of my molars. This morning when I woke up the pain was throbbing! At least a 7 on a scale of 1-10 and radiating into my ear and jaw. I told my children about it and of course they were concerned. I went to the other room and said out loud “This is illegal! The Creator of the Universe is my Poppa and Jesus took that beating so I would not have to be in pain. Pain you have to leave now in Jesus name!” By the time I finished speaking the pain was completely GONE! I could even bite down on the tooth and I couldn’t do that before. I called my children excitedly and asked them “Did you pray for my tooth” Yes they both did. I told them how the pain was gone and what I had declared and thanked them for their prayers as I am sure they had something to do with it. I am expecting complete healing of the tooth, I’m hoping for gold!

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