God Heals the Pre-Saved!

You just have to love it when God shows up in a tangible way for someone who hasn’t even met Him yet… We got this testimony from Bob, a member of our church.

I have an associate that I have done business with for three years. I have been trying to be this man’s friend more than anything else and we have a pretty good friendship. He is not born again, but a decent guy. He has been having some family and personal struggles and I always try to listen and give some suggestions to him when asked.

On Monday the 18th, I was at a client’s that he is now working for full time. His right foot and ankle were wrapped up and covered by a sock and he was wearing a loose flip flop. He told me that he turned his ankle and sprained it. Toward the end of the day, we were talking privately in a conference room and he told me that he actually has gout, that it runs in his family, and his ankle has been in pain since the previous Wednesday.

I was getting ready to go and made up my mind to offer him prayer — I was a little more forceful than offering — I pretty much told him, “sometimes when I pray for people they get healed, get your foot up on that table and let me pray for it!” He did. I declared the Kingdom of Heaven on his foot and declared that it would be healed by the power of Jesus and the Kingdom.

When I finished praying, he was crying and told me, “nobody has ever cared enough to do that for me before.” He asked me why I had never asked him about his religious beliefs before – he said “you make it really clear to everybody that you are a Christian and I’ve known that since the day we met.” I told him that it wasn’t my business what he believed, only that he knew what I believe. We talked a little more as I got up to leave he got up and said, “Wow! My ankle feels a lot better.” I told him that God was not done yet and would not be done until it was fully healed. This morning, I got the following e-mail from him:

“BTW my ankle is substantially better today; only residual issues but no acute pain. It really makes me take pause and consider what actually happened yesterday regarding my ankle. Words cannot express my gratitude and physical relief”

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