Boy deaf in both ears healed

Sunday during worship Alisha was led to go and pray for a young boy in the toddlers who wears hearing aids in both ears. She had all of the toddlers gather around him and pray. Afterward they went and got his mom out of service to come and remove the hearing aids. When the hearing aids were removed Alisha whispered, “Can you hear me?” and the boy replied, “Yes!” Mom was blown away and so was I. Yea God!

Pastor Randy

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    I wanted to post a blog with out giving my identity, so I’m using your comment field.

    Jan 4, 2009
    Today’s sermon had meaning to me… went in several directions that I could get much use. I was headed into one direction and ended up here: Ephesians 4: 26 & 27, “Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, 27 nor give place to the devil.
    At least this is where I will start today. I’ve been knowing for some time I’ve got to let go of this unforgivness if I ever what to get back to where I belong. My unforgivness stems from anger I have refused to deal with for over 6 years, as long as I can remember to be honest. I know its holding me back, but I thought it would be easier to deal with later, some day… today. I got my notebook that I haven’t written into for some time now. March 31st to be exact. That’s nine months ago. Long enough to carry a child and give birth. Hmmm, makes me think. I’m I going to be born again, again? And what was the last entry? I began a list of hurts from my childhood. Didn’t really get very far on the list, decided it was too much to go through at the time I suppose. The last two lines read: “I can’t even remember them all… so suppressed, they still cause harm today. Lord Jesus~ Help me let go! Help me Jesus, please.”
    Wow! God isn’t letting me get away from this one, huh? He can’t help me let go until I give it to Him. I’ve got work to do on this end first.
    I found in my study bible:”Anger; when wedded with hurt and shame, can develop into bitterness and provide fertile ground for further temptation. When a person is shamed for having an emotional response such as fear or anger, her tendency is to protect herself by blocking these emotions from conscious awareness. She, being bound by shame, is unable to express the emotion in appropriate, healthy ways. Since emotions are interconnected, denying painful emotions also necessitates burying pleasant ones, and the result is often emotional numbness.” (Right out of today’s sermon!!)
    Tonight and in the morning I will pray that God will help me to remember everything (one event at a time of course) so that I can bring to Him. Give the painful memory to Him so He can make it whole again. I pray that with each painful suppressed memory given to Him, I can remember all the pleasant ones, and see how he carried me through. I have no doubt He carried me, without Him I could be one of the addicts or homeless wondering around alone, cold and hungry, believing no one cares so why try.
    With each hurt released I can finally remove the anger that sometimes takes over my being. I can move closer into the presence of my Lord and rest! Praise & Glory to God!!

  2. Post

    I’m glad you posted this – it can help others know that they are not alone in trying to deal with old hurts. I do encourage you to let someone help you walk through this – often others can help us see clearly in areas where we aren’t even aware we have blind spots.

  3. Post

    I also wanted to say that if you will contact the church office, Pastor Randy can take you through a SOZO session that will help speed your healing process. SOZO, which means saved, healed and delivered, is a ministry process that will help you identify areas where you have unforgiveness, lies that you have believed about yourself and about God, and can replace those lies with God’s truth. It’s simple, but very effective.

    Anything that comes out in private will remain completely confidential.
    You can either call 972-578-9999 or send an email to or and we will set up a meeting for you right away.


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