Access Granted

On the third Sunday of each month, our creative arts team gives away the paintings created during our Celebration Service, as well as creating small prophetic art pieces to bless people as they come and go from church.

Living Ladder

Today, this testimony was shared about a small drawing and a word that was given to a member of our congregation.

A few days ago I had this dream:

I was standing in a small, dark place. Suddenly I could see Pastor Randy above me, as if he was upstairs in some kind of storage room. He was laughing and cheering and pumping his arms, shouting to me, “Look! Come up here! You have to see this!” But while I could see him clearly, I couldn’t see any way to get up to where He was. It was like there was a ladder or staircase missing.

Then this morning, Christy, one of the artists, gave me a picture with this word:

You have a living ladder designed just for you. If you are ever having trouble getting heaven’s perspective on situations in your life, just climb your living ladder and take a look around.

Access granted! I guess God wants me to know that He made a way for me to “Come up here!”

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