With signs and wonders following…

Our first miracle report from Pastor Randy on his trip to Taiwan…

Headed to Taiwan on a mission trip we drove from Dallas to Houston to catch our first flight the next morning. After the Mavericks won their first NBA title I went to sleep so I could get up at 3:45am to catch the hotel shuttle at 4:30am. So this morning at 4:20am I arrived in the lobby to find Ramona, the desk clerk, sitting in the lobby. I began a conversation in which she informed me almost immediately that her foot was in pain. She informed me that she gets bone spurs but it had been a long time since she had had one. A strange thing to come up in a conversation except when you are on mission, LOL!

So, I told her that I was a Christian and sometimes when I pray for people they get healed. When asked if I could pray for her she said yes. I also asked her what the pain level was and she said it was ten.

I simply blessed her, thanking God for her and rel eased the Kingdom into her foot. Holy Spirit showed up and heat began to build in her foot. I asked if she felt the heat and she said she had felt it as soon as I touched her foot.

I then asked her to check it out and she got up and started walking and saying, “oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” which being interpreted means, “I am healed.” Bone spur and pain GONE!!!

It has already started. Keep praying. Taiwan is going to get rocked for the Kingdom and it’s King, Jesus.

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