Sense of Balance

When Randy Hill visited the House of Praise for all people, in September of 2017, his message to us was spilling over with what we had just been enjoying: His palpable Presence! But Randy wasn’t satisfied to allow that to seem like something merely abstract. As much mystery as is inherent therein, Randy was going for the More-Than-Enough God, & taking us along for an enlightening ride.
He pointed out that, to become truly sensitive to God’s Presence requires practice. All too often, we find ourselves in a posture of pleading with Him, to “Come Visit” us, or let us “visit Him”. Yet He Promised to “never Leave, nor Forsake” us. The issue, then, is my own level of awareness of God In me!

So then, to my surprise, Randy led us in a practice exercise in sensing Holy Spirit’s Presence. We all stood up, & Randy had us choose one of our physical senses, with which we would locate Holy Spirit’s whereabouts. (Understand that this location was unique for each of us.)
Now, I happen to be aware of a true Sixth Sense, namely Balance. It is a real physical Sense, served in part by a pair of physical organs, called Otoliths, in the cranium. I know about this because I have suffered for years from chronic sinusitis, & have experienced dizziness many times, due to pressure on my Otoliths. I also have diabetic neuropathy in the soles of my feet, causing further balance issues, as differential foot pressure provides cues for balance, which I don’t experience in detail the way I used to.

Maybe I was looking for that “More-Than-Enough” factor… I don’t know. Or maybe it was Holy Spirit’s Suggestion altogether, but I chose my Sense of Balance, for this exercise. Randy prayed, asking Holy Spirit to Manifest His Presence to each of us, in a separate place outside our bodies. He then had us use the sense we had chosen, to locate His Presence, explaining that we’d have to move about some, to find Him.
Very soon, I found myself off-balanced to my right side. As I inched my way in that direction, the sensation of greater pressure on the right side of my feet began to lessen, until I arrived at a point where, for the first time in years, I had a fully secure sense of stability in balance! I knew I was centered In Him!

Randy then asked Holy Spirit to move to a new location for each of us. This time my sense of balance took me diagonally to my front-left. Once again I found complete security centered In Him!
When we finished & sat down, I said to my wife, Marian, “I just did something that I can’t do!” You see, I didn’t have that nerve sensitivity in my feet, like most people do. Most don’t know it’s there, because their otoliths work well enough that they don’t notice the cues from their feet. What’s more, I was somewhat congested, & my otoliths were not what was guiding me, but rather my feet alone!

Holy Spirit showed me some new things that day:
1.      I can sense His Presence, & I should practice so as to be “tuned to Him”.
2.      Holy Spirit, Himself showed me His whereabouts, and provided me with miraculous confirmation.