John & Arlene Lavaki
Mosaic Assistant Lead

John and Arlene met in the last frontier of Papua New Guinea (PNG) – Wabag, Enga Province, where John was assigned as Police Officer, and served as lay pastor for a pioneering church. Arlene was a Missionary from Philippines, and taught at the Foursquare mission agency schools. They later got married in Philippines then returned to PNG to serve at the Foursquare High School – John as Chaplain (and Youth Pastor) and Arlene as Teacher and Guidance Counselor. They migrated to the United States in March 2003 and later served at the Tree of Life Church in Montebello, California. They moved to Dallas in 2005, pastored a Foursquare church for over 7 years before joining Summit in 2017. They are currently involved in Worship, Prayer, and Media Ministry as well as Mosaic Assistant Leads. John and Arlene are blessed with five children, namely Clarissa 22, Charlene 20, Joan 18, Jolene 16 and Elisha 14.

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