God brings calm in panic

What a wonderful testimony of peace from Kent!

Recently, I learned that God uses things like healing to teach us lessons. I have been working with a guy named Mike who became a Christian shortly before coming to work at the lab in my company about 2 years ago. We have talked about many things and encouraged each other, and I have seen him grow. He left the company recently to move close to his family again, but just before he left, we had an interesting experience.

The walls are not real thick between the lab and nearby offices, so we can hear loud talking and noise around us, including boisterous laughing and talk from Carol. This time, the noise I heard from Carol was strange and I didn’t know what to think. Mike checked it out and came back saying that she was in trouble, either a heart or panic attack (it was a panic attack). I said “Really?” and then listened a moment. Then I heard in my spirit, “Pray for her”.

I turned my chair to face the wall of her office, lifted my hand toward her, and simply prayed for peace. I felt the peace and began thanking God for it, while just enjoying His presence for a minute. While enjoying that, I suddenly heard Mike exclaim “Did you just heal her?!!!” That woke me up, and I turned the chair around to see Mike’s surprised expression. Then I realized that Carol had relaxed and was quiet now. Apparently, Mike had not seen something like this before.

So we learned that God really does care about people, enough to heal us when we ask. He even uses these opportunities to teach others as well as ourselves about His great love and what we should do.

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