Financial Blessings

At Summit, believing that God enables us to do what He has called us to do is one of our core values. It’s always amazing to see the means that God uses to accomplish His purposes. We’re excited to hear what one of our members was able to do at His prompting. It’s almost like she found a gold coin in a fish’s mouth…


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God continuously shows me how big He is… a few months ago He gave me 3 names of people that He wanted me to sew financial seed into their lives. The first was met through God’s financial blessings that we steward (the job Father God has provided my husband). I still had 2 more to people that He wanted me to sew into. I talked to Father God and said, unless you give me a job or provide a means for me to earn extra cash by pet sitting or pruning my neighbors shrub beds, I don’t know how I can do this. WELL, He opened a door through supernatural means. I was pre-approved for a credit card that gives 1.5% cash back on purchases. Believe it or not, after checking the box for “other” (I used my husband’s salary total) as a source of income, I received the credit card.

People who know me know that I am totally against being in debt…scripture tells us that this is not God’s will for us and with good reason. I use a credit card for online purchases or to use on vacation, etc. but we make sure to pay off the balance by the due date. Because my husband and I used this credit card to purchase gas, hotel room, etc. over the Christmas Holiday, we earned enough cash rewards to receive not only the amount of what Father God told me to sew into the 2nd person, but He also gave us a little more back so I could buy my lunch. Yep, our God is good! I just had to trust and obey.

Summit Church discourages people from incurring debt, even to do good. But we love seeing God use the systems of the world to bless people.

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