Travel Request Form

Please have all information completed as to not delay your approval. This application must be completed and turned in a minimum of 10 weeks prior to the event.

For questions about this form contact Anna Hill – or 469-441-7322.

Before requesting a booking, please read the travel terms for the requested group.

  • Event Details

  • Please give several options:
  • What will our team be doing while we are there? What is the purpose or goal of this event?
  • A detailed schedule can be sent 2 months prior to event date, what we need here is a rough draft of what you are planning for this event. The more details the better.
  • Keep in mind that if the location is more than 5 hours away from Wylie, TX, our team will be flying.
  • Do you have any contacts with other churches/organizations that we could minister at while we are there? Keep in mind they could help you split the cost of travel.
    Please make sure you read the correct terms for the team you are requesting. If you have any questions contact Anna Hill at 972-578-9999.